Historical Ampleforth Rebase data


This page uses API's/External sources to get the data shown on this page. Most of the data comes directly from the offical Ampleforth API, while some other data is pulled in from block-explorers like Etherscan.
What we do is make a "snapshot" of the state of the ecosystem during the rebase and dump this snapshot in our database.
This is not perfect, and errors could occur. The data that you see, for the most part did not come directly from the blockchain, but from a 3rd-party source.

Data improvement

Ampltools started getting this data (from API's) arround the 8th of October 2020. But the Ample ecosystem existed long before that. And so some of our data did not represent the complete picture of the ecosystem.
As of 6th of September 2021 we improved that and went manuallyl through all rebase transactions to fill our database from Epoch 1 till now with the missing data. There is still some data missing, but the most important data is added. What is stil missing in the data before 8th of October?

  • Circulating supply - to get this data since genesis is super labour intensive.

EPOCH 1161
Circulating 49,880,546.69 AMPL
Total 50,002,108.13 AMPL
Next rebase
Last Rebase -1.716%
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Highest/Lowest stats

Total supply
H: 56008074 : 28-Aug-'22
L: 50002108 : 03-Sep-'22
Circulating supply
H: 55842740 : 28-Aug-'22
L: 49880546 : 03-Sep-'22
H: -1.7157% : 03-Sep-'22
L: -2.0292% : 30-Aug-'22
Rebase Target
H: $1.1245 : 03-Sep-'22
L: $1.1245 : Sep-'22
$Rate @Rebase
H: $0.926 : 03-Sep-'22
L: $0.892 : 28-Aug-'22
Count the rebases types in the selected timewindows.
* Clicking a counter-tile is a shortcut to change the rebase type filter.
* The white tile represents total rebases/epochs in the selected period.
* Percentages in tiles represent average% of the tile -> sum[rebase% tile] divided by sum[Count tile]

AR@R Tile
* The -Average Rate At Rebase- tile (yellow tile), represents the averaged "Rate @Rebase" price of the selected time-window.
* The small $Price below represents how far the current AR@R is from the last price target.

Average Target tile
* This tile (last tile / purple tile), represents the averaged "Target" of the selected time-window.
* The small $Price below represents how far the last $Rate at rebase is from the current Averaged Target.

These tiles count the longest streaks/series per rebase type in the current selection.
Example: The red tile has the number 33. This number represents, the longest series of negative rebases without any other rebase in between.
Red: Longest negative rebase streak
Blue: Longest equilibrium rebase streak
Green: Longest positive rebase streak
White: Total rebases
Full supply numbers Turn-off AF(h) column.
Selected: 28-Aug-22 - 04-Sep-22 | Rebase type: all result as CSV
Updated daily at 02:02:02 UTC
Epoch Date/Time AF(h) Target Rate @Rebase Rebase% Circulating supply Total supply
116103-Sep-2022 $1.1245$0.926-1.7157%49880546 50002108
116002-Sep-2022 $1.1245$0.916-1.8206%50751301 50874984
115901-Sep-2022 $1.1245$0.914-1.8206%51665448 51818414
115831-Aug-2022 $1.1245$0.918-1.8206%52623536 52779339
115730-Aug-2022 $1.1245$0.899-2.0292%53599392 53758083
115629-Aug-2022 $1.1245$0.893-2.0292%54709569 54871547
115528-Aug-2022 $1.1245$0.892-2.0292%55842740 56008074
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