Ampleforths History book


Data is cool, context is cooler. Ampleforth's living History book by Ampltools. A tool for you, to give context to the AMPL ecosystem data.


Release date: 27th of March 2022
Currently this page is at version 0, which means Ampltools is still playing with this idea, the app is not fully integrated with other parts of the site yet, and it can have some user experience bugs. Currently the book holds some (real) test data. In the comming weeks we will do our best to update the book from day one Ampleforth launched till the current day.

You can send event suggestions to

The purpose of this interactive database of historical events is (1) Just because it's cool. (2) see 1.
Another purpose is to integrate it with other parts of
The database of the History book gives us the possibility to add context to other apps on the website (Like the supply/rebase charts), and to add features like:
* "Select a day on the chart and see if there were any events".
* Or "Select date on historybook timeline and see supply stats"
* etc.

Media content
At some point when enough data is in the History book it can be used as source of media content for things like quarterly reports, marketing, etc.

RSS Feed
A basic RSS feed of this book is available, but currently only for testing.

Be aware: These numbers are not related to the selection in the history book
EPOCH 1161
Circulating 49,880,546.69 AMPL
Total 50,002,108.13 AMPL
Next rebase
Last Rebase -1.716%
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