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AMPL Calculators & Formulas - from an Ampltools perspective.

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Total supply: Λ239,429,511


Calculators, Simulators & Bots

In this section an overview of sources and sites for things as basic as calculating % AMPL share ownership, but also sources containing simulation scripts.
    An Ample "ROI Calculator" - This site can be used for calculating return and profits based on different buy and sell moments in time.
  • Coin Tools
    Coin-tools has the mission to provide calculation tools for cryptocurrencies. Here you can find Ample calculation tools for things like Rebase %, Share %, and more.
  • AMPL compound calculator
    Calculate the compound effect on your AMPL with this compound calculator created by an Ampleforth community member.
  • AMPL Info Bot
    Community run Telegram bot for AMPL stats, like: Latest $Price, Latest Rebase, APR<->APY converter, and more.