Forums & Communities

Overview of differnt types of official and unoffcial Ampleforth (Ample) community platforms.
  • Ampleforth governance forum official
    The new and improved Ampleforth Official (Governance) forum.
    Released 19th May '2021
  • Ample Discord Official
    The offical Discord server of Ampleforth. This is also the location for the Ampleforth community hours, held bi-weekly. Notes of these talks can be found on the website, of here with our Ample RSS viewer[BETA].


  • Ampleforth Protocol
    One of the biggest community run Ampleforth telegram groups.


In this section an overview of some official Ampleforth sources.
  • Official website
  • FAQ
    Topics in the FAQ: AMPL/WAMPL FAQ, Ampleforth Network Durability, Lending & Borrowing and more.
  • Durability
    This entry expands on the motivation, design, and performance of the Ampleforth protocol under live market conditions.

Document archive

These document are not online anymore, but still available through AMPLtools by Archive.
  • Whitepaper AMPLTools webArchive
    Ampleforth: A New Synthetic Commodity by Even Kuo, Brandols Iles, Manny Rincon Cruz
  • Redbook AMPLTools webArchive Book_recoverd.pdf
    The Ampleforth Red Book is a sequenced list of foundational reading material on the Ampleforth protocol, and its units (Amples).

Ampleforth Bridges

Overview of Ampleforth (AMPL) Bridges between other chains.

Meter Passport

With the Meter Passport (bridge) it is possible to send AMPL cross-chain. For this the Meter blockchain router is used. You can interact with the Bridge using a interface created by the Ampleforth team, but also the Official Meter Passport interface.

"Meter Passport is an N Way blockchain router that allow both assets and information to travel across blockchain networks." -

  • Ampleforth AMPL Bridge
    The official Ampleforth Bridge interface to move around AMPL between Ethereum, BCS and Avalance..
  • Meter Passport
    The Official Passport website which can be used to move around AMPL between Ethereum, BCS and Meter.
  • Meter Explorer
    The Official Meter (side)chain explorer.
Bridge poster showing route ETH->METER->AVAX.

Avalance chain is connected to the Ethereum basechain through the Meter Passport bridge.

Meter - Can be found at

Bridge poster showing route ETH->METER->BNB.

Binance Smart Chain is connected to the Ethereum basechain using the Meter Passport bridge.

Meter - Can be found at