This is not the official Ampleforth ($AMPL$FORTH) website which can be found at
Circulating 115,953,613.56 AMPL
Total 125,347,024.30 AMPL

Ampleforth Geysers v2

Overview of the Ampleforth Geysers v2 ecosystem. Deactivated Geysers are moved to the Archived Geysers page.
1 Create LP
2 Stake LP
3 (As)sign LP
Manage Vault
(1)Add a AMPL/x Pair to Uniswap/Sushiswap/Balancer and receive LP token
(2) Stake your LP token on
(3) Confirm LP to Vault assignment. If you do not have a Universal Vaul/Crucible, a UV will be created.
The Universal Vault is a NFT and a SmartContract Wallet. It is your Personal Wallet. This means you can store certain crypto currencies in this vault, and move the fault with all its content and LP Assignments to a different wallet where needed.





Ampleforth Bridges

Overview of Ampleforth (AMPL) Bridges between other chains.
The Meter Passport AMPL(Ethereum) <--> AMPL(Binance Smart Chain) bridge went live on 11th june '21

Meter Passport

With the Meter Passport (brdige) it is possible to send AMPL cross-chain. For this the Meter blockchain router is used. You can interact with the Bridge using a interface created by the Ampleforth team, but also the Official Meter Passport interface.

"Meter Passport is an N Way blockchain router that allow both assets and information to travel across blockchain networks." -

  • Ampleforth AMPL Bridge
    The official Ampleforth Bridge interface to move around AMPL between Ethereum, BCS and Meter.
  • Meter Passport
    The Official Passport website which can be used to move around AMPL between Ethereum, BCS and Meter.
  • Meter Explorer
    The Official Meter (side)chain explorer.


In the near future AMPL will also be available on the Polygon blockchain. When the bridge and more information becomes available we will add it here.
  • MATIC (POS) Bridge
    The Official Polygon MATIC bridge website. AMPL is not yet available through this webinterface.


Overview of dashboards sites regarding the Ampleforth ecosystem.
  • Ampleforth Official
    The official AMPL dashboard provided by the Ample team.
  • Blockpour dashboard
    Recent trades, AMPL prices, holder metrics and more. An Ampleforth dashboard brought to you by BlockPour
  • Telegram - Ample Trades
    Telegram bot which share recent trades from the AMPL/ETH Uniswap pool.
  • Dune Analytics - Ampleforth
    Ampleforth Duneanalytics dashboard - Supplychart, Historical rebases, new addresses per day, and a lot more.
  • Cryptokek - AMPL daily stats
    Ampleforth Dashboard for monitoring Bull / Bear trends within the Ampleforh ecosystem by Cryptokek.
  • Dextools
    Watch AMPL/ETH Uniswap trades live with the Dextools Dashboard.
    Marketcap chart AMPL vs BTC
  • AMPL/ETH Oracle Dash
    A Chainlink statistics dashboard for the AMPL/ETH Oracle

Calculators & Simulators

In this section an overview of sources and sites for things as basic as calculating % AMPL share ownership, but also sources containing simulation scripts.
    An Ample "ROI Calculator" - This site can be used for calculating return and profits based on different buy and sell moments in time.
  • Coin Tools
    Coin-tools has the mission to provide calculation tools for cryptocurrencies. Here you can find Ample calculation tools for things like Rebase %, Share %, and more.
  • Outcome bot
    This telegram bot can be used for calculating certain outcomes within the Ampleforth bridges ecosystem and to gather other statistics. Some examples: Get prices, circulating supply etc. or get the current estimated rebase rate, or calculating your %ownership of the marketcap, and more.
  • AMPL economics simulator - Hikaru Sunakawa
    This script simulates AMPL economics with user-defined initial conditions. You are able to configure the initial AMPL price, AMPL supply and the amount of AMPL in your wallet. You must also choose how many days you want to simulate, and how many simulations you want to perform....
  • AMPL compound calculator
    Calculate the compound effect on your AMPL with this compound calculator created by an Ampleforth community member.

Forums & Communities

Overview of differnt types of official and unoffcial Ampleforth (Ample) community platforms.
  • Ampleforth governance forum official
    The new and improved Ampleforth Official (Governance) forum.
    Released 19th May '2021
  • Ample Discord Official
    The offical Discord server of Ampleforth. This is also the location for the Ampleforth community hours, held bi-weekly. Notes of these talks can be found on the website, of here with our Ample RSS viewer[BETA].
  • Ampltalk Official decommissioned
    The offical platform by the Ampleforth team for discussing the Ample ecosystem in a forum type setting.


  • Ampleforth Memes
    A small Telegram community for sharing Ampleforth Memes and gifs

NFT's & and Community art

Section for Ampleforth NFT's and community art.


In this section an overview of some official Ampleforth sources.
  • Whitepaper [PDF]
    Ampleforth: A New Synthetic Commodity by Even Kuo, Brandols Iles, Manny Rincon Cruz
  • Redbook
    The Ampleforth Red Book is a sequenced list of foundational reading material on the Ampleforth protocol, and its units (Amples).

Good reads

Overview of some Ampleforth educational resources selected by us.
It is advised to first understand the Official Ampleforth Whitepaper[PDF] and Redbook.

Read more at:
Sites Logo Publish0x Logo Publish0x
Writers - Logo Documenting AMPL Logo MassAdoptionLLC Logo Brandon Iles

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The Letter and Spirit of Composability
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On Quantitative Easing Pt. 2: The Tale of Ampleland
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Gauntlet Report: Protocol and Trading Strategy Assessment
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Non-Technical $AMPL Guide for Beginners
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5 Lessons Learned in Liquidity Mining
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Quick Start AMPLGeyser Guide: Universal Vault NFT
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Ampleforth Geyser v2
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Geysers V2 Community Geysers Walktrough Beginners+
Deep Dive — Borrowing Demand on Aave — Stables, Other Crypto’s and $AMPL
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AMPL on Aave Community Lending/Borrowing AMPL Advanced


Sources related to governance can be found on our webstite in de Good Reads section.

Good views

Overview of some Ampleforth (educational) video resources selected by us.
It is advised to first understand the Official Ampleforth Whitepaper[PDF] and Redbook.
Ampleforth - A Rebasing Cryptocurrency - 2min video
Ampleforth youtube channel
Ampleforth Protocol Official Introduction Beginner
How to use the Ample Bridge!
Mass Adoption LCC's youtube channel
Ampleforth Cross-Chain Bridge Community Instructional Intermediate