AMPLTools Donations

Donation address: 0x8F08ceDb2F159AcF03b83B3D27de53d94250BEAA

Want to support the Mission of AMPLTools in the form of a Donation? Support is always welcome. Running the site takes up a reasonable amount of hours a week. Just the task of maintaining (and re-checking) the links to all the official and unofficial Ampleforth resources is a recurrent constantly growing task.

Besides keeping Ampleforth information up-2-date, the infrastructure (like servers) which hosts this website, also needs maintenance, monitoring, backup-sysstems, and the likes.

But AMPLTools is not directly looking for donations. Because the website was created with commercial success in mind, it would not be fair to say we need donations. How wil monitize this website (which is still at the ground floor), is not clear yet. The "Code of Conduct" of parent company is rather strikt regarding monatization.

In short this means what ever the monatization angle will be in the futre it will comply with / never have the purpose of;

  • Compromising visitor privacy.
    • We do not track&share nor Track&analyze* your visit - Visitor information will never be an monitizable asset, to be sold or used against you.
    • We do not use external (CDN) content. When you visit you ONLY visit, no leakage of your IP to external websites without your knowledge.
    • We try to keep up-2-date with the latest Databrokers tricks of following you on the internet and so onto our website - Like disabling Google FLoC AMPLTools wide.
  • Tricking users. We will not use dark practises - Like making you get used to a certain feature and than suddenly making that a paid subscription feature only.
Besides that, securty is important but difficult topic, but will always be on the top of the list when implementing new ideas on the website.
This means when we have a "nice to have" as new feature on the website, but cannot guarantee wallet security of visitors, it will not get implemented. Rather boring than sorry.

These are all ambitous points, maybe even impossible to reach and maintain for 100%. If you ever see us breake these rules, please let us know it is probably a honest mistake.

*We do have a webstatistics server which uses Javascript to track your website page visits, or else we would not know if we have 0 visits a day of a 1000. But we do resprect your Do-Not-Track browser settings.

Donations received

Overview off all the donations we received.
Amount Donated by Remarks
Λ500 AMPL BigBirdVC
tx-hash: 0xfb0047ff0b3da98a37d786f1253974e24cfbb18684000ac65ae7cc405a3ce3cb
First donator
0,024185 ETH DocumentingAMPL
@Documentingampl, [] DocumentingAMPL
tx-hash: 0x201e58b6bccb3bc33c93227218193fcc99eaff5a6489c6052f9ccfc57d5ee1e4
Λ200 AMPL AMPLWhaleGod
tx-hash: 0xde3d46016e1fc6254a44436259214b8a0de8529c3ae5f79f9563b95861c519b6
Λ50 AMPL Anonymous / Unknown
tx-hash: 0x288755f6efd36c15bf823d5e7e5791cbf04028739800aa8357c3235c6858bdf4

Donations spent

Overview on what the donations are spent.
Amount Spent on Remarks
Λ50 AMPL Donation for their great service. Thanks to MEW we can provide the aAMPL votewatch data. Date: 13th june '21
Transaction: 0x627d8806fc90d865259b4ec32f164f6725e0c0a83f24f62c838d6b2322edb677
Λ0,000000001 AMPL Used for the 1e-9 watcher/pop-question. What happens with 0,000000001 AMPL after negative rebase? To find out, created a new wallet and sent the 1e-9 AMPL to that wallet. Date: 26th june '21
Transaction: 0x0be1e01e9c30f81ab0d08c906973554832f2618b340c9dbe16c5261f19da34e6