About this site

The purpose of this site is to collect trustworty Ampleforth ecosystem information and gather them in one accessible place. Before a link to an external website is added we first check to see if the site is trustworhty. That is, they are transparent in what they do. Site's which do not put the users privacy and security first, will not be easily added to this website. And if it is added we will add a warning badge besides the link.

What we are trying to say, we will not just radomly be adding all kinds of (strange)links.

Besides updating the link directories we will also be building our own tools - often out of our own necessity. With ampletools you should be able to do all your "day start" ecosystem checks in one place. From reading up into the latest official updates, to checking the supply status, and doing maybe some calculations and keep up with the latest important social media messages.

The purpose is to provide and maintain the links, so you can concentrate on what is important.

Wo are "we"

Ok so, we consists of 1.5 person :) - This site is maintainted by me, an Ample enthausiast. And checked by a tech friend, for the security, privacy and accessiblility part.

Contact / our wallet

We will be using the following Ethereum ENS name to maintain a central location for our online contact information, and ownership of websites. So you can be sure if our site is "couped" :D we will let you know through that address.

ampltools.eth / ampletools.eth


Help us create and find more Ampleforth ecosystem tools

Do you like what this site is about and want to help in the form of a donation? You can do that by sending it to the following ampltools.com Ethereum address :