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dΛpps | Overview of dApps using AMPL - from an Ampltools perspective.


A dApp created by the Ampleforth core team for Wrapping AMPL into WAMPL.

Wrapped-AMPL is a token that wraps AMPL similar to wrapped ETH. It facilitates ecosystem integrations on both centralized and decentralized platforms.



SPOT is an inflation-resistant digital cash currently being developed by the Ampleforth team.


Ampleforth Geysers v2

Deactivated Geysers are moved to the Archived Geysers page.


Buttonwood DeFi Stack

Buttonwood is a collection of financial primitives inspired by financial history and built for DeFi. Our core contracts can be used to build DeFi bonds, stablecoins, and structured products without margin calls or liquidations.



Update: april-2024: We did not see the Hourglass team active in the community for a long time, so use with caution.

HourGlass is a lending platform that uses the deposited collateral to produce financial derivatives that stratify time preference. It is built on top of Buttonwood Protocol's Mooncake App, which tranches the Ampleforth Protocol's base currency.